Re: Linux on RS-6000

Subject: Re: Linux on RS-6000
From: Islenho de Almeida (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 21:02:02 MST

Hi Scott!
 I'm using YDL CS 1.1 on my IBM RS/6000 7025 Server. This machine is equiped
with MATROX video card (4MB) and i'm using XFree 3.3.3.
However the Xwindows enviroment is very slow. The redraw of screen is more slow
for this machine configuration.
Please, if you have any thing to resolv this problem please send-me.
I'm trying for many time to resolv this, however whitout success..
I'm sorry for my bad english. :p

Islenho de Almeida
UIN: 25944029

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