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Subject: Re: MOL for new G4...
From: andu (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 13:29:47 MST

On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, you wrote:
> I am getting a G4 500 this week and would liek to download and install YDL
> Champion Server 1.2 with Mac-On-Linux. I am going to purchase an external
> SCSI drive so that I don't have to partition the original factory Apple
> UltraATA 10GB drive. I would like to install CS1.2 on the External SCSI and
> leave my 10GB ATA as is (with the obvious necessary items in the system
> folder). I tried getting MOL to run on CS1.1 with no luck, and would like
> to run it on CS1.2 since it will come pre-installed with CS1.2. Will I be
> able to access my ATA internal drive from the SCSI external? Basically,
> will MOL allow me to run all the stuff on my Mac ATA HD if MOL is running
> on an external SCSI? Will I notice a significant decrease in performance
> running apps through MOL rather that straight from OS9?

I think you'll love mol's performance. I have a G3/400, internal SCSI with
YDL/mol and original ATA with MacOS 8.6. If Apple didn't change everything in
the new machines as they usually do you should have no problem.

 -- Regards, Andu

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