Re: CS 1.2 still on for release tomorrow?

Subject: Re: CS 1.2 still on for release tomorrow?
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 23:30:58 MST

Tomorrow is not the 1st :)
Tomorrow is the 29th.
(Yes, I realize you're already on Tuesday)

I'm working hard to finish things up for a March 1 release and I intend on
making it.

March 1 means any time on March 1. :)

If things were to be delayed, it would only be in order to release the
most bug-free final product.. :)

If we're bug free on Wednesday, then it'll get put online.

Is that vague enough :)

> Just making sure. I read some issues about a kernal not being ready or
> something.
> When 1st March was announced, are we talking Midnight on 1st March or are we
> talking once everyone has had sleep and come in for work on 1st March ;)
> Damn leap year, BTW. Could already be 1st March now ;)
> Thanks all.
> Ev.


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