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From: John L Grantham (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 19:14:14 MST

On 1/3/00 11:35 pm, at was
inspired to say:

>Anyone tried hosting commercial sites on an iMAC running YDL? I have some
>sites that are not real high traffic, and I was wondering if I can use my
>YDL iMAC to do some can never have too many servers right???
>It's a REV 1 266 w/128MB RAM
>Any comments are welcomed...

What kind of hosting do you mean? As in "permanent live hosting" or "test
server hosting"? And will it be sitting at an ISP, or within your LAN?

I ask because it's sometimes a good idea to use a second Ethernet card
for added security (in cases where it has to do LAN routing/firewall--at
least that's what an old sysadmin of mine used to claim), which obviously
would be a problem with an iMac. But it would probably be bored by
serving webpages for low-traffic sites... ;-)

How many hits/month are we talking?

Only thing is that you'd probably want to get a decent-sized HD and add a
fair amount of swap for insurance--that's my suggestion.




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