Re: contour design unimouse on '99 G3 pbook w/YDLCS 1.1

Subject: Re: contour design unimouse on '99 G3 pbook w/YDLCS 1.1
From: B (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 16:14:22 MST

>Hi. I'm trying to use a Contour Design Unimouse on a 1999 G3 powerbook
>running Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.1.
>I found the RPM file at
>However, it claims that kernel version <=2.2 is a dependency conflict.
>As far as I know all current stable linux kernels are version <=2.2 so
>this leaves few options. Help?
>More generally, despite references in this list's archives to Yellow Dog
>promoting the unimouse, it's clear that you can't just plug one in and
>expect it to run; but the closest thing I've been able to find to
>instructions for how to install it properly was Contour Design's "I'm
>assuming if you are a Linux user you know what to do with these files."
>Is there a better explanation somewhere? Would installing the rpm file
>with "rpm -U kernel-pmac-2.2.6-16b.ppc.rpm" be sufficient, if it
>worked? Or is there more involved?
>Thanks for any help.
>David Covin
>Lab programmer, Margoliash Lab

I went in circles following dead links and bad instructions with that
too. Try this mouseconfig:
onfig-4.0-1a.ppc.rpm .
It seemed to work great for me. Before that I could get nothing to
work. As a note I am using 2.2.14pre16-imac. I just installed the
above rpm then ran mouseconfig. Check out where it talks about
USB keyboard an mouse configuration.


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