Farallon Ether card in a StarMax 3000

Subject: Farallon Ether card in a StarMax 3000
From: Paul Bélanger (capn_sternn@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 15:19:53 MST

I have a Farallon FastEtherTX 10/100 card in a StarMax 3000 240 and I
can't get a net connection out of it. Linux see the card as eth0 when
booting, but can't establish a connection with my DHCP server.

I tried configuring it manually but it still doesn't work. I currently
am using the 'tulip' kernel module, but I've also tried about a dozen
others to no avail.

Does anyone have a fix for this problem?

Paul Belanger

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