Re: contour design unimouse on '99 G3 pbook w/YDLCS 1.1

Subject: Re: contour design unimouse on '99 G3 pbook w/YDLCS 1.1
From: David Covin (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 15:46:18 MST

B <> writes:
>I went in circles following dead links and bad instructions with that
>too. Try this mouseconfig:
>onfig-4.0-1a.ppc.rpm .
>It seemed to work great for me. Before that I could get nothing to
>work. As a note I am using 2.2.14pre16-imac. I just installed the
>above rpm then ran mouseconfig. Check out
> where it talks about
>USB keyboard an mouse configuration.

I had seen that page too, but it looked like it was describing what
to do after you've upgraded the kernel to a later version. Clearly you
have done that, so that makes sense for you. But is there any way to
get the unimouse to work with the 2.2.6 kernel, the one that comes with
YDLCS 1.1?

I have no problem with upgrading to a newer version of the kernel, but
when debugging I like to try to make minimal changes from a configuration
that is supposed to work, lest new problems creep in. Is the unimouse
supposed to work with the Champion Server 1.1 default kernel, or isn't it?
If I must upgrade the kernel then I will, but I'd like to know whether
I must.

-David Covin

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