I broke X

Subject: I broke X
From: Brian Ketelsen (briank@becos.org)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 21:50:05 MST

I got CS 1.1 reinstalled last night, and in a fit of insomnia installed
kernel 2.2.10. Then I saw the xpmac accelerated x server on a web site and
thought it would be a wonderful companion to my freshly compiled kernel. So
I followed the directions, which basically involved downloading the new
xpmac and creating a new link to X. That didn't work at all, so I just ran
Xconfigurator which set X back to whatever it was before. Now when the
screensaver kicks in, no matter whether I'm running Gnome or KDE, it kills
the x server with some kind of error and when I restart X the mouse dies
after some undefined point. What have I done? I'm running on a "Yikes"
G4-400 with 128 MB ram.

Unrelated - I put YDL on it's own hard disk and now when I reboot into MacOS
8.6 it keeps asking me if I want to format the unrecognized disk. How can I
tell it to ignore that disk?

and while I'm at it -- :) what is a good x based mail client that supports
multiple pop accounts?


Brian Ketelsen

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