Re: Monitor Recommendation?

Subject: Re: Monitor Recommendation?
From: Frank M. Lazar ( )
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 14:01:32 MST writes:
>Here's the scoop. I'm going to buy a new 19"
>monitor. has given the Hitachi
>Superscan 751 good ratings.
>I'll be running this on a G4/450. But I also want
>to run YDL on it. Any known conflicts with these
>monitor? Any other monitors recommended?
>Sincerely, R. David Salinas

You're probably going to have to work real hard to find problems with any
multi-sync monitors today. La Cie has a good ElectronBlue monitor in the
19" range that comes with some decent color calibration software. (which
only works under MacOS unfortunately) that's a real decent price.

We also have an Apple Color Sync Display which is probably the best
monitor we've bought since Radius went out of buisness.

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