Re: contour design unimouse on '99 G3 pbook w/YDLCS 1.1

Subject: Re: contour design unimouse on '99 G3 pbook w/YDLCS 1.1
From: Marc-André (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 12:18:51 MST

Hi.. I don't know if I am suppose to reply at this address but actually, I
joined this mailing list 'cause I have the same error as you but I'am
using a G3 beige 233 (So ADB), with 8.5.1 installed. After partionning
and formating the drive, the installer make an error saying that an error
occured for the Mouse configurations...

Also, I never saw this dialog box asking me if I had USB OR ADB.

Everything work fine in the Mac Os. and also, everything work fine while
making the partitions but then..
So I never had the opportunity to see LINUX installed on my Mac :(

Does somebody can help me???


Marc-André Robertson

David Covin wrote:

> Dan Burcaw <> writes:
> >The unimouse should work fine with the stock 2.2.6 kernel.
> Excellent! An encouraging answer.
> Is there anything special I should have to do to make it work? During
> the Yellowdog install, we didn't get any USB-related keyboard or mouse
> options, though a USB keyboard and the unimouse were plugged in. The
> mouse works fine under the MacOS, but under Linux it doesn't seem to be
> recognized at all. Is it supposed to be recognized?
> -David Covin

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