champion 1.1 7200/120 no install

Subject: champion 1.1 7200/120 no install
From: Philippe Laliberte (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 01:04:22 MST


To day I bought the Yellow dog CD. So I tryied to isntalled it on my
test 7200/120 box. It doesn't work. First I tryied with the ramdisk
image that is on the cd but it doesn't reconize it. So I went to the
faq found the comment about the 7200/75. I downloaded the small image
it seems to want to start, but it hangs after trying to initialize the
cdrom (language and keyboard option are fine) If I switch to the
command-F3 screen I it stays on

* error in exec of second stage loader :-(
* error: No such file or directory

Before that it has spittied errors about /modules/modules.dep not being
there and insmod failing.

I'd like not to have thrown out 80$ for not event runing the
install. What is needed to build that image? I've got MkLinux DR3
installed on the same box and I can probably get a copy of Linux ppc
to build a new image. Anyone has suggestions?

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