Re: How to record simple voice via microphone on YDL?

Subject: Re: How to record simple voice via microphone on YDL?
From: Andrew B. Arthur (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 04:56:46 MST

Dick Benster wrote:

> I'm having problems figuring out how to record sound on my system.
> I'm running YDL Champion 1.1 with 2.2.14pre9 kernel, running GNOME
> under Enlightenment (versions that come default with YDL 1.1) on a
> standard 1998 beige PowerMac 300Mhz G3 Mini Tower. which came with a
> Sony sound system (amplified speakers) and Apple microphone.
> Doing a simple "cat" to record gives an error:
> % cat /dev/audio >
> cat: /dev/audio: Invalid argument

Do you have kernel that supports audio in? AFAIK, only kernel 2.3
supports this on the PowerMac, or 2.2 with and optional patch from
> But preexisting mulaw files do play properly when
> % cat > /dev/audio

Audio Output is well supported in PowerPC Linux, but Audio In isn't yet.

> Trying to record with eears simply gives recorded low noise like its
> not recording from the mike at all. eears does play preexisting .wave
> files.
> My microphone is routed properly to produce sound through the speakers
> as controlled by the Gnome System Menus->Multimedia->AudioMixer.
> Any suggestions has to how to record sound?
> Also, any program that records mulaw as well as higher fidility? eears
> croaks on preexiting mulaw files so probably also can't record it.


Andrew B. Arthur

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