Linux & Dvorak keyboard

Subject: Linux & Dvorak keyboard
From: Steve Doonan (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 06:55:23 MST


I am a long-time Macintosh user who is now learning Linux with the
help of several books (Running Linux, 3rd ed. (pub. O'Reilly), A
Practical Guide to Linux (Sobell), Linux in a Nutshell (O'Reilly),
Unix System Administration Handbook (Nemeth, Snyder, Seebass, Hein),
Linux Companion for System Administrators (Hein)), in anticipation of
Yellow Dog Linux Gone Home.

I use the Dvorak keyboard rather than the traditional "QWERTY"
keyboard. The MacOS and Windows both currently include the Dvorak
layout among their keyboard choices. It is my understanding that many
or most Linux distributions now include Dvorak support as well, for
both the shell and for X-Windows, although one may not be aware of
this choice at install time.

I trust or hope that Dvorak keyboard support is currently available
or not too difficult to attain using Yellow Dog Linux.

Steve Doonan
Portales NM US

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