Re: G4 and USB mouse partii

Subject: Re: G4 and USB mouse partii
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 18:22:21 MST

You have to rerun "mouseconfig" per the isntructions, before it will work.
Just installing the new version will not fix your mouse.

> Hi, I'm still trying to sort out my mouse under xwindows. I have a
> 350mhz G4, with
> a G3 USB mouse. I've installed everything fine, including the new kernel (later
> than the one that came with champion server 1.1). I read the
> instructions on the
> yellowdoglinux website about the problem with the USB mouse, and I downloaded
> mouseconfig 4.0-1a.ppc.rpm
> (
> to a zip disk,. I then booted into linux, mounted the zip disk, and ran this:
> rpm -i mouseconfig-4.0-1a.ppc.rpm
> I think it installed it, but yet when I go into xwindows I still can't
> move my
> mouse.(incidentally, it starts up Gnome and Enlightenment. it used to
> start up KDE
> when it was set to start automatically). Does anyone know whether I am doing
> something wrong? How does mouseconfig change the kernel, when the kernel
> is in my
> Mac OS (9-hfs+) partition?Could it be that I am using a G3 USB mouse?
> Any help is
> much appreciated. Tom.


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