Host names for newbies

Subject: Host names for newbies
From: Benjamin S Donley (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 17:02:28 MST

I'm running the champion server 1.1 on a college campus with DHCP.

I have a domain name of my own that points to my machine.

When I log into my machine, or when I view it over Windows Networking, it
refers to itself as "HIL-235-237", which is my DHCP assigned name.

When I view my machine over AppleTalk, it refers to itself as

If I use my commercial domain name from telnet or a browser, it works just

There seem to be several places (linuxconf, /etc/hosts) where I can set my
hostname, but I've tried several to no avail. And I don't enjoy mucking around
blindly with root text files.

Any hints? How can I set my name without turning DHCP off? The only one that
really bothers me is "localhost.localdomain", 'cause it's not exactly a great
identifier on a network ;)

 - Ben

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