Re: modem lock file/connection speed/keyboard

Subject: Re: modem lock file/connection speed/keyboard
From: Gilbert Fernandes (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 20:01:51 MST

Andrew Zander said at Ňmodem lock file/connection speed/keyboardÓ.
[17/01/00 03:53]

> When logging into my system under a user different from root, and try
> to use
> kppp, it tells me it is unable to create a modem lock file. How can i
> fix this
> properly?

I think you should not use kPPP. Whatever I tried, kPPP never worked;
while minicom could speak to the modem, kPPP wasn't able to do
anything. After a week, I switched to netcfg and it works fine now. To
use netcfg, open a console, make sure you're are root (never connect as
root, never!! Connect as a casual user, then open a console and su into
it to launch netcfg, ok?). Launch netcfg, and you just have to put your
DNS numbers, then click on "Interfaces" and click on "ppp0" and
configure it (you choose PAP, enter login and password, select the /dev/
.. where your modem is and 115200 as speed). Then, to connect you
select ppp0 and choose "Activate". :)

> When i connect to my isp is only connects at 38000, i have the
> standard apple
> internal 56k modem, when i connect from mac os i always get at least
> 45k, is
> something not set up right? kppp detects it as a 56k modem..

If you are using a 56.6 modem, it's not that important. The v.90 modems
do connect at some speed, and then they're able to change their speed
while connected; so the connect speed using a 56.6 v.90 is not so
> I have a blue and white G3 wth the new keyboard and the delete key
> works as
> delete and not backspace, could someone give me good instructions on
> how to fix
> this? (i'm a newbie...)

I can help you with the french keyboard, my delete and backspace key
work fine. But you probably don't use a french keyboard ;-)

 //\    Gilbert Fernandes

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