Re: YDL -Re: help with Kernal Upgrade

Subject: Re: YDL -Re: help with Kernal Upgrade
From: Sam Rae (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 09:24:04 MST

Hi all,

I'm having BIG problems installing yellowdog linux from cd onto a revision c
imac. I have the new ramdisk and all that sort of stuff. I get an error
early in the installation saying:

cannot run /bin/insmod
No such file or directory

This doesn't stop the installation however, I can keep going.

I get to fdisk and edit my root partition and put "/" in the mount field,
then click OK. After that it finds the swap partition and I click OK to
select it. Then the installer packs it in:

In the middle of the screen I get a box saying "Scanning packages..."

On the right of screen it says:
sending termination signals... done.
sending kill signals... done.
unmounting file systems...
you may safely reboot your system.

On the left it says:
install exited abnormally - received signal 11.

Anybody have a clue to what this is about? I'm new to linux, so don't go all
technical on me :P

Any help would be appreciated.

 - Sam Rae

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