YDL on blueg3

Subject: YDL on blueg3
From: Oscar Göthberg (oscargot@swipnet.se)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 00:53:55 MST

I installed YDL CS 1.1 on my B&W G3 yesterday, and this is my first exposure to Unix/Linux, so please bear with my newbie questions... :)

Anyway, everything seem to work quite right, but...

1) How do I get some sort of graphics acceleration working with my Rage 128? Xwindows is just insanely sluggish. I currently use the "No Video Driver" option in BootX as it says in the YDL installation manual.

2) Most sites out there about Linux on the PPC seem to be about LinuxPPC, such as the site about Linux on the Blue G3 at www.linuxppc.org/blueg3. There seem to be a lot of files there about this stuff (Rage 128 acceleration), but do they work fine with YDL? Perhaps _all_ the software etc I find out there for LinuxPPC work with YDL? Any exceptions?

3) I have created an HFS partition for file transfer between Linux and the MacOS, but how do I access this partition from within Linux?

-- Oscar Göthberg, oscargot@swipnet.se --

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