Re: YDL on blueg3

Subject: Re: YDL on blueg3
From: Benjamin S Donley (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 09:14:57 MST

> I installed YDL CS 1.1 on my B&W G3 yesterday, and this is my first exposure
> to Unix/Linux, so please bear with my newbie questions... :)

So, it's to be newbies helping newbies. How sweet ;)

> 1) How do I get some sort of graphics acceleration working with my Rage 128?
> Xwindows is just insanely sluggish. I currently use the "No Video Driver"
> option in BootX as it says in the YDL installation manual.

BootX is fine. There are three options now for Xservers with modern macs.

First, you can stick with the stable Xfree86 that is installed standard. It
isn't accelerated at all, but it's supposedly the least buggy.

Second, you can switch to Xpmac, which is accelerated for the Rage 128 and the
skimpy ATI card that came in my beige G3. Every so often, someone complains
about a bug in Xpmac. I have, in my two weeks of running YDL, yet to see any
of these bugs. Instructions are at

Third, you can go with a very new unstable revision of Xfree86. It's
accelerated for Rage 128, but not the skimpy ATI card that came with my beige
G3. Eventually, this will be the standard, and the folks working on Xpmac will
either join forces or spend more time on their day jobs ;)
> 2) Most sites out there about Linux on the PPC seem to be about LinuxPPC,
> such as the site about Linux on the Blue G3 at There
> seem to be a lot of files there about this stuff (Rage 128 acceleration), but
> do they work fine with YDL? Perhaps _all_ the software etc I find out there
> for LinuxPPC work with YDL? Any exceptions?

I haven't found any exceptions. In fact, anything designed to work with *any*
linux should work if you've got the source, now that we use the same libraries
as the rest of the linux world. Stuff for LinuxPPC shouldn't even have to be
recompiled. YDL == LinuxPPC configured nicely with a few files added and a few

> 3) I have created an HFS partition for file transfer between Linux and the
> MacOS, but how do I access this partition from within Linux?

First, create a mount point in linux. That is, create a directory. Mine is:


Do not use this command:

mount -t hfs /dev/sda6 /exchange

Because I doubt your hfs partition is on your scsi chain. If it's on IDE,
it's probably /dev/hda5 or /dev/hdb4 or something. Fix that, and run it from
root. Your partition should appear inside the /exchange directory.

Much luck,
 - Ben

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