Re: modem on blue and white

Subject: Re: modem on blue and white
From: Patrick Callahan (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 18:16:05 MST

Hi jay,

When you ask a question like this one, its best to give a bit of information
about the system you are installing on, the distribution you are using, and
what you have tried so far. Also the standard protocol is to post questions
to the list, not to individuals. Other people in these lists helped me with
this specific problem a few months ago.

That said, there is a list of things needed to get a modem working under Linux
running on a mac.

# 1 create a /dev/modem device by adding a symbolic link to one of the
pre-defined devices. Depending on your configuration and distribution this is
usually /dev/cua0. /dev/ttys0, /dev/cua1 or /dev/ttys1. You need to run the
command like this:
            ln /dev/cua0 /dev/modem

#2 make kppp and pppd run as root even when started from a user account. (you
do have a user account don't you? ;-)

           give your password

           find / -name kppp # find the kppp executable
           find / -name pppd # find the pppd executable whereever it is.

           use the actual path of thes files in the following command in place
of /usr/bin (in case its different)

           chmod +s /usr/bin/kppp
           chmod +s /usr/bin/pppd

           exit # to get back to your login

#3 configure your kppp connection

    kppp& # & makes it run as a separate process

   if you have problems with kppp
   su again and try it from root. (that usually works. see the mailing list
archives for details)

fill in the usual stuff to configure kppp (look around a bit so you're familiar
with kppp's features.)

Good Luck, Pat

jay wrote:

> Hello,
> my name is jay, and I have been trying to find out how to set up my modem in
> Linux
> I am a newbie, and I saw that you were using a modem in Linux. If you could
> please explain how you got it running (what com port it was set too and what
> not).
> a preemptive thank you,
> Jay

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