Re: Kernel Issues (for CDR)

Subject: Re: Kernel Issues (for CDR)
From: Phil Kirschner (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 22:46:14 MST

When I commented out all the gmac.o stuff in the
drivers/net/Makefile, it went a little bit more when I tried to
compile, but came up eventually with another error. I think I am
just going to wait until the files are stable. Is there any way to
tell when that is?

>At 1:10 PM -0600 1/30/00, Phil Kirschner wrote:
>>Hey, that's great. I will try re-rsyncing it, and if that does not
>>work, I will take out the gamc.o file. Will I have to modify
>>anything to do that? Or just delete it? And for future reference,
>>where would I have gone to find out what gmac.o was for anyway?
>No, the problem seems to be that the Makefile refers to a gmac.o,
>but there's no gmac.c to make a gmac.o from, so the build dies.
>Simply edit drivers/net/Makefile with your favorite text editor, and
>edit out any reference to gmac.o. Since your machine uses another
>Ethernet device (called bmac IIRC), this shouldn't cause you any
>problems. But it's possible that if you simply resync the sources
>things will work right.
>Paul Schinder

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