CD Image doesnt work for me!!!

Subject: CD Image doesnt work for me!!!
From: Jeff Tillwick (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 15:23:06 MST

I burned the contents of the ydl-cs1.1-install.img to CD but i custom named
the cd YELLOW_DOG_LINUX_INSTALL. When i loaded up the linux installer from
the BootX App, i went through the process and when it came to reading the
CD, it said that the CD in the drive was not a Yellow Dog CD. I
redownloaded the image and reburnt it to a CD without changing anything
(both times the CD was burned with Toast 4). Again at the step in the
install process that reads the cd, it said the same thing, not a Yellow Dog
CD. When i do that step without a cd in the drive, it says no cd found in
dev/scd0 (or maybe its dev/sdc0, i forget). now i know that my cd drive is
scsi id 3, but i also have a cd rom set on id 1 as well as a scanner and a
burner. I have no idea what could be wrong. Ive tried every variation in
the BootX App i can think of. right now i have nothing set for the root
device in the BootX App and i have the VMLINUX off the cdimage and
ramdisk.image.gz from the cd as well as the bootx extension

What is wrong, why cant it read the cd??

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