kernel args for video mode..

Velasquez, Carlos (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 12:53:35 -0400


How do I specify to the kernel (via bootX) what video card I have and the
modes I wish to use. I have an ixMicro 8 meg video card on my s900 mac
clone. Is the card known as tt128mb8 or is it tt128m-b1? The latter is
what comes up on the twin turbo control panel on the MacOS side when I want
to tweak the bit depth or resolution.

So how do I specify it as kernel arguments? should I say:
video=tt128mb8 , vmode = XX , cmode =YY (where XX and YY are the resolution
and bit depth respectively) or instead of commas, do I use semi-colons or
colons or what?

Also, do I uncheck the "Don't use Video driver" choice box? What happens if
I keep it checked ? Finally, how (if possible) do I change video and color
modes once I am already booted up? Can I do this on the fly?


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