Re: Cable modem scripts

Neil Jolly (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 21:16:22 -0600

David Barnum wrote:

> Does anyone know if cable mode scripts exist for YDL I am thinking about
> getting a cable modem, but do not want to do it unless I can use linux
> with it
> Dave

I'm currently running a cable modem with YDL on a Beige G3266 with no
problem whatsoever. Depends alot on your cable service though as to how
difficult it is to get going. Roadrunner seems to be the most difficult
from what I've read. Thereis a good how to on the roadrunner service at though as well as lots of other good info. My cable modem
setup was as simple as typing "dhcpcd". I then just configured dhcp to
start at boot with netcfg and it's been working perfectly ever since. If
want to retain a static resolv.conf then you can create a directory named
/etc/dhcpc, and add your desired static resolv.conf to it, or run the
updated version of dhcpcd, which uses pump. Pump does not alter the
resov.conf file.


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