cdrecord nasties!

Neil Jolly (
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 17:01:47 -0600

Thanks to all that responded to my pleas for help regarding cdrecording
under linuxppc/ydl. I can't respond under the original posting message
due to a rather nasty hard drive failure, which occurred while trying to
record a cd using cd record. I don't know if the failure is related to
cdrecord or just a coincidence that the failure occurred while trying to
record. I was getting scsi bus errors for a while, but they seemed to be
resolved after lowering my mesh rate to 5mb again. I did have general
scsi support compiled into my kernel, and had eliminated the shmget
error due to the help of previous postings. The hard drive which failed
was a scsi drive but on a completely different bus, with a totally
different id, so I can't see the failure being related, but anyway linux
is no more until I acquire a new drive. Incidentally the command I was
using to record was as follows cdrecord speed=2 device=2,0 /image.iso (
I think this is correct, but it's from memory for obvious reasons). The
cdr I'm using was a sony 926U, which cdrecord recognized as a sony 924U.


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