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Andrew (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 22:31:49 -0500

I just installed YellowDog on my beige G3/266 w/6MB VRAM. I have installed
YellowDog on it before as well as LinuxPPC and NetBSD at various points in
time. I did the install from CD and everything went fine. Then i installed
the XF86 rpms from the errata page. I run Xconfigurator and configure X.
no problems. startx. the Xserver starts up and goes into windowmaker as
expected. the only problem is that when i'm in X, i need to adjust the
screen location using the controls on the monitor. i have to shift the
screen over to the left about an inch. when i return to CLI i have to shift
to the right about an inch. This has never happened before on any previous
installs and i really have no idea what to do. any ideas?

Andrew Sharp

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