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Darron Froese (
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 20:40:30 -0600

> Run authconfig at the root prompt.

OK - I ran authconfig and turned off MD5, created a new user - gave him a
password - looked at the /etc/shadow file (it's not an md5 hash, it looks
like the old unix crypt hash) and tried to connect - got an error - it says
-ERR wrong password.

It's not the wrong password.

Is there a way to watch the pam stuff as it's happening - either by sending
it to a log file or just having it scroll by the screen? The PAM
documentation is kinda confusing - I can't make heads nor tails of it.


> On Sat, 10 Jul 1999, Darron Froese wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> I've been fighting (once again) with several machines trying (very
>> unsuccessfully) to get some pop3 and imap servers working. I've got an
>> ANS, a couple of 7300's and a 7500 that just do not want to work for me at
>> all. The ANS has the u of w imapd server working on it (after much
>> fighting) but that same binary doesn't want to work on any of the other
>> machines. I can't get qpopper 2.5.3, 3.0b18 or ids-pop3d to work on any of
>> those other machines either.
>> Then I remembered the "MD5 Shadow Passwords" option that was in the
>> installer that I definately checked and wondered if that could be the
>> source of my problems.
>> So, is there a way to un-MD5 my passwd files? I'd like to give it a try
>> with the regular unix crypt and see if that helps. I don't want the MD5 if
>> it's going to give me this much hassle...
>> Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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