Mouse woes

Andrew Rohl (
Sun, 11 Jul 1999 21:22:42 +0800

On my powerbook G3 (250MHz, 13.3" screen), I can't use the keyboard to
emulate the middle and right buttons. I've given the kernel the following
(sole) argument
which should make f9 the middle key and f10 the right key. However, the
f9 key becomes the right mouse key and f10 appears unaltered. Running
showkey returns no keypress to f9 but 109 to f10. Has anyone else seen
this problem?

Also Dan stated a month or so ago that nearly all two button mice can be
used. Of course I had to buy one of the few that don't! It is called the
whale mouse and unfortunately the right button is not programmable,
rather it just does a keydown and keeps it down until the button is
pressed again! Had I seen the box before I bought it, I would have
realised that it wouldn't work but noone seems to stock adb devices these
days. I asked the list if anyone could recommend a 2 or 3 button mouse
but got no replies, so I'll ask again before I buy another dud!

    Thanks for any pointers


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