Re: Fwd: Help installing ydl on Blue G3

Urs Hochstrasser (
Sun, 11 Jul 1999 21:54:42 +0200

> >When I tried to boot into the linux image that I got from the CD the screen
> >goes black and then I get some messages and then it seems to stall at
> >Booting...
>Thanks for the help finding the kernel. I still haven't been able to boot
>into the installer. I got a kernel panic.

I forgot to mention: you must also use a ramdisk image downloaded
from the ydl site, the one on the CD won't do. Download the image
updcd_ramdisk.image.gz from the 'updates/champion-1.0/install/'
directory. Rename it to 'ramdisk.gz' before you boot. This should do
the trick.

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