Powerbook install hangs half way through

Graham Leggett (minfrin@sharp.fm)
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 11:03:22 +0200

Hi all,

With the new PBG3 kernel I am able to do a net install of YDL on my
machine, however I've run into a weird problem:

I select the packages I want to install via ftp, and the Mac starts the
download and install process. It gets most of the way through, up until
it tries to install the following RPM:


At this point the installer simply stops dead in it's tracks. You can
use the function keys to switch console, you can run commands in the
shell in the second console, Linux has not crashed, however the
installer itself has locked up.

Running a ps to see what is going on reveals that the XFS (X font
server) package is trying to run the command adduser. An strace to the
adduser command sees it stuck trying to connect to /dev/log, which
doesn't exist, thus the hang.

A kill to adduser makes the process continue...

A known problem?


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