Help installing ydl on Blue G3 - follow-up

Paul Oertel (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 06:09:15 +0900

I would like to thank those on the list who help me get Yellow Dog
installed on my Blue G3.

I would also like to reprimand Terra Soft. Before I purchased Yellow Dog I
read the supported hardware list very carefully. They claimed to support
the new G3's. And indeed they do. However, unlike the IMac, nowhere do they
mention that you have download additional files to get it installed. Nor
was there anything in the documentation that came with the software that
told me to do this. Perhaps support for Blue G3's is a late breaking thing
but isn't one of the reasons you send the manual in a three-ring binder
because it is easy to update? This is the kind of thing that gives Linux a
reputation for being hard to install and use.

Thank you to all those who helped me get started.

Paul Oertel

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