A silly question...

Velasquez, Carlos (carlos.velasquez@ssmb.com)
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 14:51:01 -0400

Okay everyone,

This is sort of a silly question, and I came up with it as I was looking web
page that described all of the applications that come with YDL, so excuse
my Newbie-ness...

What is the difference between the desktop apps (KDE, GNOME), and the window
manager apps (Enlightenment, Ice, WindowMaker)

Don't they all do the same? Or does one set of apps run on top of the other?
And what are these "Themes" I keep hearing about???

I am just little someone trying to free himself from the nasty clutches of a
corporate windoze world....


C.F. Velasquez
Asst. Vice President
Global Database and Technology Division
Salomon Smith Barney, Inc.

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