Re: FW: IMS TwinTurbo 8MB

Todd Masco (
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 09:59:43 -0400

"Velasquez, Carlos" wrote:
> Good Question! I too am an owner of that ubiquitous 8 meg card. I believe
> someone has written a patch for it but it was done as a separate patch from
> the 2 and 4 meg driver. Last I heard, there was some effort to unify the
> patches to create 1 driver that will support all 3 versions. Other than
> that, I have no idea where things stand.
> So I too ask the same question: Will the 8meg card be supported soon?

If this helps determine the answer any...

Since I asked the question last night, I installed LinuxPPC R5 on my
S900... it seemed to support the 8 MB card fine, though I didn't go to
higher bit depths on the X Server.

Is there a reason that the S900 itself isn't supported by 1.0? And will
it be supported by 1.1? My understanding is that they are very much
like the 9500 internally, and just use OEM PCI cards and components.

Anyway, I'm finding R5 to be less polished than I would like... I'm
hoping that 1.1 will be more to my liking - I installed R5 because I was
eager to start playing Civilization: Call To Power. :)

I have one other question: is there a web archive of this mailing list
anywhere? I've got the contents of the list via the list management
software, but it's much easier to browse content through a web
interface. If not, I might set one up here.

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