Champion Server 1.0 and Samba

Myles Vredenburg (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 21:50:17 -0400

I'm having some trouble getting Samba to work. I can see the yellow dog box
in network neighborhood, but when I attempt to view the shares on the box I
get "The remote computer is not available." Here's some information
pertaining to my configuration:

YDL Champion Server 1.0 Distro
Custom 2.2.6-16a kernel (see attached .config)
Samba 2.0.3-1a (see attached smb.conf)
Running an ipchains 1.3.8-1 masquerading firewall

I apologize if this is an inappropriate forum for this question...Basically
I'm wondering if there's
something quirky about smb/nmb on PowerPC Linux or if it's a
(mis)configuration issue :-)


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