Re: Upgrading a CS 1.0 install - the easy way

Dan Burcaw (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 09:35:38 -0600 (MDT)

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Evan Read wrote:

> > > So that one could download the lot in one hit, RPM them in and be then
> > > running CS 1.1 level stuff?
> >
> > This would be hard.. we'd have to go through and figure that out :-)
> > And there are things we'd rather be working on.
> Hehehe... really? I thought that is what constituted the 1.1 release. A
> whole bunch of newer version of software ported from Intel side...

Nah.. it's a little more in depth then that :P

> > > Anymore updates on release dates/ new features for CS 2.0 and GH 1.0?
> >
> > Gone Home should be out in 1999. This is what we have been shooting for.
> > This is going to be an excellent release so it'll be well worth the
> > wait... one new feature is the installer.. we're writing this from
> > scratch.
> I eagerly await that.
> A couple of general interest questions.
> Is YellowDogLinux the same for both RS/6000 and Macintosh? Ie, on the
> same CD?

Yes... all that's different is the kernel.

> Will ALL Loki Games games be ported? Any other Linux game companies games
> as well?

The plan is now, to do as many as possible..

> Any work going on for an OpenSource OpenGL driver for PowerPC Linux? I am
> not sure if this is even possible but is of particular interest to me (all
> these new games will eventual all require hardware acceleration).

Yes.. we're working on it. This fits in with the ATI stuff as well.

> I know that ATI are pricks, but since Apple deals with them, I deal with
> them so is there any way (or even currrent work being done) that a hack
> can be produced to give at least some functionality until ATI opens up a
> we bit more? This has to be a high prority since ALL new Macs are
> ATI-ready.

We're working on this... we met some ATI folks at Mac World that may be
able to help out.

> Thanks.


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