Re: FTP Install and hdlist

Graham Leggett (
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 17:30:37 +0200

John Moore wrote:

> I've downloaded the complete directory of Champion Server 1.1 and tried
> to install from the MacOS Partition but when it's installing it tells
> me that it is only installing 400+ RPMS. (I've downloaded everything
> and selected every option in the install.) However I think it should
> install 600+ RPMS.

Remember that some of the filenames are too long to be stored by an HFS
partition. Installing from an HFS partition currently doesn't seem
possible - I ran into this problem with v1.0.

> I then tried to do a ftp install and the machine is saying
> Error transferring
> Bad server response

Same thing happened to me, didn't find a solution to this, I downloaded
it to an ext2 partition and installed from harddrive.


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