Problems starting the install...

Gord Busse (
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 10:54:37 -0600


Ok, so I would like to try the FTP install or Champion 1.1 Server. I have
downloaded everything in the install directory, I have placed the "Bootxapp
panel in my control panels, I have placed the Bootx extension in my
extensions folder, I have placed the ramdisk and vmlinux files in my system

Then, when launching Bootxapp, I have Use Ramdisk ON and No Video Driver
OFF. In the kernel args I have "video=atyfb:vmode:17" and of couse the
vmlinux kernel file is selected in the kernel popup. Oh, and the root device
is blank as I am booting from the ramdisk.

I have a Revision A iMac 233 with 160MB Ram and 6MB VRam in my little Rage
IIc. I am running Mac OS 8.6. I have tried with LinuxPPC 1999 and it seems
to boot fine, but I would really rather try out YellowDog as I have heard
some great things about it as far as iMac support and other things.

When I click on the "Linux" button to boot into the installer, my mouse
pointer disappears and then a moment later the system freezes. It does not
clear the screen, I don't see the familiar penguin logo, nothing happens and
I have to force reboot with my paper clip (argh) ;-).

Anyways, can someone help me out? Is there something I did wrong or is there
a different kernel file or ramdisk file I should be using? I am just using
the one found in the install folder on the ftp site.

Thanx very much!
Gord Busse

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