USB keyboard on B/W & sound problem & AppleTalk...

Josh Hanson (
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 00:52:43 -0400

I have a few issues, so I'll mention all of them here...

1. Looking over other people's messages, it seems that nobody's having
trouble with using a USB keyboard. I have a blue/white G3, and I'm forced
to hook up an ADB keyboard. During the installation, the USB keyboard
doesn't work at all, and if I select USB as the keyboard type when it asks
(using the ADB keyboard to select it), then neither keyboard works. The
keyboard is hooked up to the USB port on the monitor, so that may have
something to do with it... (oh, yeah, and it gives some error messages
about USB while booting...

2. I'm also having the same sound problem that someone else described.
Sometimes the sound works, and sometimes it doesn't, with no apparent
pattern. Audio CDs always play, as does any sound that goes directly to the
speakers, but anything that uses the sound card is apparently random.
Anyone have any ideas?

3. Anybody know how to connect to Macs over an AppleTalk network? And is
there any way to access the Mac partition of the drive in the computer
that's running Linux, or the other drive in the computer?

4. Has anyone with a b/w G3 gotten "use G3 cache" to work? The first time
I use it, whichever desktop environment I choose to use keeps logging out
randomly for a while, and then freezing. If I use the cache twice in a row,
then I get a "kernel panic" unless I don't use the cache.

5. I assume that the reason KDE/GNOME/whatever is so slow is because I'm
not using a video card, right? is there any way to speed them up until the
driver comes out? (other than setting my 21-inch screen to 640x480?)

Any help with any (or all) of these things would be greatly appreciated...

Josh Hanson
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