YDL on powerbook G3s

Jay Cox (jaycox@earthlink.net)
Sat, 31 Jul 1999 01:31:44 -0700


I'm in the market for a linux portable and I'm thinking of going with
one of the new powerbook G3s and installing yellow dog on it.

It's primary use will probably be gimp development and all that entails (xemacs,
gcc, email, cvs, gimp)

Before I go ahead and by this system I'd like to find out how well linux supports
the PB G3 (99 model).

What is the typical battery life under linux?

Do the built in ethernet and modem work?

Can I attach and use a fullsize keyboard and 3 button mouse?

Can I use an internal zip drive?

How stable is the kernal on this platform? How stable is the X server?

Are there any gotcha's to consider that might make me want to go with an intel
based notbook instead?


Jay Cox

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