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Darron Froese (
Mon, 31 May 1999 21:10:44 -0600 (MDT)

On Mon, 31 May 1999, JP Rosevear wrote:

> Darron Froese wrote:
> > I've got postgresql installed and working just fine, but I'd like to switch
> > to mysql...
> Whoa - this is news. PG has not worked as long as I've known of YDL and Dan
> has stated that it has serious issues.
> I too was able to get it installed and was able to create databases but things
> like dropping a database and getting \d in pgsql CLI interface info were
> mangled.


Not being an sql guru (actually not knowing anything about it at all) I
can't really verify if it's completely 100% functional but for my purposes
(using IMP - an IMAP webmail program) it's working just fine. I couldn't
seem to get the rpm's to work properly so I did have to recompile from
source - like I said it seems to work (or at least function). It should
also serve it's other purpose: to at least help to teach me the basics of
sql databases.

Are these issues (mysql, pgsql) because of the lack of mainstream ppc
support? I've always wondered why linux wasn't quite linux when it came to
the ppc. Oh well - ydl has been the most compatible so far of any ppclinux
I've tried.

Now if only I could get imap working on my ydl box I could move it off of
my mklinux box... ;-)

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