X Server Shutdown on YDL

Rene Torres (rgtorre@mailcity.com)
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 04:54:30 -0700

I have installed Champion Server 1.0 using original CD to my Rev. B iMac with a 96MB ram. Mozilla-M5 and gzilla runs fine and I generally followed the iMac YDL instructions on iMacLinux.net (thanks to John Buswell and his staff).

Since then, I have re-installed (and re-pdisked) the same machine 4 times and I'm still getting the following quirks:

1. the GNU Midnight Commander keeps disappearing on me without notice and even when I restart gmc, the gmc windows reappears 15 to 20 times on my screen (I can see them from the gnome pager) until I nuke them one at a time.

2. when gmc decides not to disappear, it goes to the top left of the screen always and becomes unmovable and unresizable (the blue top pane on the window where you click the mouse to move the whole window does not react to any mouse click or mouse drag).

3. constantly, after 10 or so minutes, the whole X server shuts down with the following messages:

**Warning**: There is already a process taking drops on the desktop!

SOCKET XID: 1400075

register ext: 18D5528
register ext->info: 18DCE08
add callback ext: 18D5528

more SOCKET ID and register info....
saving to [panel./Session etc.....]

Fatal Server Error:

fbdevupdateColorMap: FBIOPUCMAP failed (Function not implemented)


Gdk-ERROR**: an x io error occurred aborting...


I'm using XFree86-FBDev- Tried disabling xscreensavers, processes and set x off that might disturb X -- still, the same problem. I wonder if anyone out there has the same experience.




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