Re: X Server Shutdown on YDL

Lockey & Chris Krieger (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 07:05:42 -0600

    I don't know about midnight commander, but under both AfterStep and WindowMaker, using that same version of X, I get the same fatal error. I too have tried disabling screen savers, etc. With xset s off, I don't usually get the fatal error. However,
sometimes I do, and I always get, after about 10 minutes, X going to 95% cpu usage, then after about 5 more minutes crashing. It doesn't do it every time, and it seems to be related to whether the machine is idle or not. Let me know if you figure it out

Chris Krieger

> Fatal Server Error:
> fbdevupdateColorMap: FBIOPUCMAP failed (Function not implemented)

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