Re: install-ssh 1.0.1

Darron Froese (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 15:37:59 -0600

> Just installed ssh-1.2.27 using install-ssh. Afterwards, I have problems
> "ssh localhost" with "Permission denied". Anyone else getting this error?
> I can "ssh localhost -l root" with no problems and ssh to any other machine
> just fine, just not to my own machine or from another machine to this
> machine.
> I also had the same problems with ssh-1.2.26 on ppc.
> Anyone else having this problem?

I'm having the same problem (I haven't tried to ssh into that machine as
root though...) I just hadn't gotten around to looking at it too in depth
today. I did a clean install of ydl 1.0 on my blue G3 at work and updated to

I can ssh around the world but not back into this machine either.

I'm going to reboot into linux later and check the logs...will report back

Darron - WestWorld Computers

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