Using PPP ;)

Evan Read (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 13:48:40 +1200

Hey guys.

I have been doing all sorts of configuration stuff and have been
implimenting everyone's suggestions as well as reading up and trying
several purported methods of PPP coinfiguration.

By far the most elegant is Paul Leclerc's solution where I "insmod" the PPP
module. Now the problem I have had is a version mismatch with "ppp.o".
The way I see it, I need to degrade the PPP package (currently at version
2.3.5-2) to something that has an earlier "ppp.o". Also, I am told (by the
error messages) that ppp.o is compiled for "2.2.2-1apmac" (what the hell is
this package?) where I need it compiled for 2.2.2.

I think I need a downgraded ppp package and a 2.2.2pmac (as opposed to
2.2.2-1apmac) package so I can successfully "insmod" the PPP package.

Now, where can I get the downgraded packages? Does this sound right to you

Thanks everyone. I won't need much more help if I can just get PPP installed.

Thanks again

Evan Read

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