Lots of News

Dan Burcaw (dburcaw@terraplex.com)
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 19:16:17 -0600 (MDT)

Hey everybody,

I have a few things to update you on..

1) I'm looking into the ssh 1.2.27 problem. I suspect PAM support is broke
   and this is on my TODO list for this weekend.. as soon as it's fixed
   I'll have a new install-ssh version ready to go. (and will announce it

2) New kernels RPMS are on the ftp sites. I'm sorry they weren't sooner
   I found out that our mirrors were not able to get in due to a
   permissions problem. Mirrors are updating once again...

   The kernel-souce RPM has Blue and White patches so you should be
   able to easily role your own kernel. Make sure if you have Linux on
   your ATA drive to enable the use of DMA and the CMD646 chipset.
   The RPMS are available at:
   (and on other mirrors in short order)

3) New X RPMS are available for testing! I hope these will solve
   everybody's X setup problems. Please test these and let me
   know if there is anything that I left out (there are a few
   updates not associated with X directly that these RPMS need)

   If all is well, I'll make an official update.
   They are available for testing at:


   (other mirrors haven't synced yet)
   AFter you install these RPMS, run Xconfigurator.. and go :)

4) HOWTOs... I'm building a couple of HOWTOs regarding setting up
   of X, usage of install-ssh, and things like using mouse emulation.
   If you'd like to contribute an additional HOWTO on using YDL
   to do a task let me know!

   I'll have RPMS soon.. basically Large File Summit (LFS) support is
   broke on Sparc and PPC (and possibily Alpha) Linux systems. With this
   disabled, mySQL works great. What does LFS do? It lets you have
   huge files... basically if you need mySQL tables larger then 2GB
   then you'll need to wait for LFS to get supported :)

6) If you haven't heard, we have a new poll going on at
   http://poll.yellowdoglinux.com. The topic: Games for Gone Home.
   Please take a moment and share your opinion with us :)

Everyone have a great weekend!


Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
 email: dburcaw@yellowdoglinux.com
 website: http://www.yellowdoglinux.com/

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