Re: Rev B soundcard and xmixer

Evan Read (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 17:55:38 +1200

Yeah well, unexpectantly, last night it began to work. It seems to work
only some times.

If X boots and I hear a sharp beep, I am ready to roll. If not, then I
don't get sound.

Xmixer appears to work all the time now (despite the fact I am sure I did
nothing to it) but I don't always get sound.

THis is one of my problems that I have shelved until I get PPP sorted. You
can help me if you like ;) That would be cool ;)

>On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Evan Read wrote:
>> Hi, I was checking out your CDROM snd card tutorial but it didn't mention
>> what to do if xmixer can't find your soundcard (ie it errors /dev/xmixer
>> not found).
>you shouldn't have to do that, provided you use a kernel with the proper
>apple sound support it should work straight first time. :)
>> my CDROM is mounted as "/mnt/cdrom" (comes like that with yellowdoglinux).
>> that won't affect Xmixer will it?
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