Re: 1-button mouse in a 3-button X [WAS: Install Crashing ..]

John L Grantham (
Tue, 8 Jun 99 16:04:59 +0200

Greetings, Reid Ellis at! On 8.6.99 3:20 pm, you wrote:

>At 07:51 1999-06-08 -0500, Roesslet, Bryan W. wrote:
> >I thought it might be due to the Kensington ThinkingMouse that I was
>trying to
> >use, but replacing it with an Apple one-button didn't seem to help.
>While we're [almost] on that topic -- where is the doc on how to emulate the
>2nd and 3rd button on a 1-button mouse? I tried ctrl-click, cmd-click, etc
>with no luck. This makes sense, since X often uses ctrl-click etc.

See my website at for a tip on how to do set
that up (it's on the starting page, or at



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