Xconfigurator doesn't

Giles A. Radford (forty.two@hitchhiker.net)
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 23:06:43 +0100

        I'm trying to configure X to work with my machine, I've downloaded
the latest RPM of Xconfigurator (4.2.3-3a) and the latest XFree86 RPMs

        Xconfigurator correctly detects my card (A Formac GA3) although it
says I have 3MB RAM instead of 4MB - I assume this has something to do with
BootX - however, after I put in some specs for my monitor (even the most
basic: VGA, 640*480 at 8-bit colour) it still tells me that there is a
problem with my configuration. The monitor is a CTX VL500.

        So- where do I go from here? I've tried various different
configurations for my monitor- but I still can't get it working.


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