Re: "command not found"

Evan (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 20:41:49 +1200


> >
> This may be obvious, and you may have tried this, but have you run
> it from the local directory yet? i.e. ./rc5des ? I could never get
> the client to run from the command line, most probably since it gets
> installed into a non-PATH directory. I apologize if you have done this
> already, but it works for me.
not sure of exactely what you mean, but I am running it from the directory it
is located in.

Something else of note, when it was installed, is belonged to "USERS" group. I
changed that to ROOT (and had the same problem).

yes, as you can tell, I am trying to run it as root (I haven't been bothered to
create enough permissions for my unroot self.

This couldn't be a problem, could it?



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