Blender for YDL?

Spino (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 09:38:12 -0700

Here a message I got from the people who make Blender, a great
FREEWARE/commercial 3d program for Linux:

Hi David,

Thanks for the reaction.
We don't have a PPC here, that is the only reason why there's no Blender
linux-PPC version. We've had several offers from people wanting to donate us
system. None of the offers arrived here so far...

The Linux PPC Blender will be freeware as well, as is with the other


 | Ton Roosendaal                   |
 | Not a Number              |

---- I don't have a donateable PPC, but maybe someone on this list knows of someone who does, which would be great for us YDL users. (I hope so, I figure even a 7500 will do ;))

Thanks ------------------ "Spino" - Studio ArtKits

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